International Business Connections

Valentine International Business Connections LLP (VIBC) has established a mature network of high-level business connections in a number of cities throughout China. Strong personal relationships have been forged with key government officials; business groups; golf networks and companies at local and national level in China and the UK.

From these connections a variety of commercial ventures and cultural partnerships are now being developed. VIBC connects clients (in China and the UK) to match and service their requirements irrespective of sector. The main focus is on building long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationships which generate trust and confidence for collaboration.

We work with trusted associates and selected clients (mainly in China and the UK) to provide or facilitate consultancy services and project management for agreed assignments and ventures. In short, the company will only work with people and organisations introduced by people we know and trust; and on carefully selected projects. Current projects include property, inward investment, high-end travel, golf industry and sourcing of speciality products such as whisky.

Aside from commercial gain, VIBC will actively provide “pro-bono” support for specific projects which benefit the economy of Angus and Scotland as well as Yantai Municipality thus providing a legacy for sustainable tourism and employment in the area.





Working together to mutual
commercial and cultural advantage

Valentine International Business Connections is a new venture focusing on nurturing sustainable international links between people, businesses and places aimed at commercial, tourism and cultural outcomes.

With a specialism in the China market VIBC LLP will act as an intermediary to assist government bodies, individual businesses and various organisations to work together for mutual commercial and cultural advantage. VIBC LLP will also develop its own niche trade and tourism projects. 

A key activity will be to identify suitable partners, trustworthy agents for associated companies, source key products for key clients, initiate creative tourism projects and develop long term commercial ventures, golf tourism links and govt to govt links between China and local authorities in the UK.

VIBC LLP will also act in a representative capacity for Yantai Municipality in Shandong Province PRC and develop its own portfolio of developments in the UK and China.


VIBC LLP将充当中间人,支持政府部门、个人业务和各组织间为共同商业和文化利益的合作,发挥自身在中国市场的专长。同时,VIBC LLP也将拓展其自身的商贸和旅游业务。公司的重要业务是确定合适的合作伙伴和有诚信的中介公司,为主要客户采购产品,启动创意旅游项目,与企业发展长期合作,促进高尔夫旅游及中英政府和地方机构之间的联系。

VIBC LLP还致力于山东省烟台市在英国的发展,在英国和中国发展其自身的业务领域。